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WEBINAR: Make Your Fist 10 Pages Shine! with DANNY MANUS from No BullScript Consulting

Danny Manus webinar

At a Glance

• Enjoy this webinar providing instruction on the elements necessary to grab a reader in the first 10 pages

• Discover the 14 elements needed to set up the world of your screenplay in your first 10 pages

• Learn the 10 most commonly-used openings in a feature film


Success in Hollywood is often about making great first impressions—and it’s the same with your script. Since some executives and agents will only read the first 10 pages of your script, it’s imperative you grab the reader immediately, engage them in the world of your story, and make them want to keep reading.

This webinar covers 14 different elements and steps you can follow to ensure your script makes a great first impression and immediately grabs the reader. You’ll learn how to create the world of your screenplay from your opening image to setting up the tone, genre, characters, eliciting emotion, stakes, structure, theme, and writer’s voice. You’ll also discover the 10 most commonly-used ways to open your script. Danny Manus will examine the opening pages of Hollywood’s hottest scripts–explaining why they worked.

As a development executive, script consultant, producer, and contest judge, Danny Manus has read thousands of scripts and knows what it takes for a script to stand out.

You Had Me at Hello: Making Your First Ten Pages Shine!

Webinar covers the 14 different elements & steps to ensure your script makes a great first impression and grabs the reader on page 1 and keeps them reading.

We’ll examine how some of Hollywood’s hottest scripts started and why they work, and we’ll go through the 10 most effective ways to open your script.

You will learn how to create the world of your screenplay including:

  • – tone
  • – genre
  • – character set ups
  • – eliciting emotion
  • – stakes
  • – structure
  • …and writer’s voice.

And we’ll also cover the power of titles.

Danny Manus NoBullScript

Action plan

This is going to be a real essence of practical tips for writers. Danny Manus will tell you:

  • – How to make a great first impression, on page one, and open your script with a bang
  • – The 14 elements your first 10 pages must have
  • – The 10 most effective ways to open your script
  • – How some of Hollywood’s hottest scripts start and why they work
  • – What your opening image needs to convey
  • – What “creating a world” truly involves
  • – How to immediately set up the genre, tone, mood, conflict, setting, and emotion of the story
  • – How to make your characters feel dynamic from the first page and effective ways to introduce them
  • – How to get your voice across on page one
  • – How these 14 elements will help you build to your inciting incident and what the inciting incident must accomplish
  • – The power of a great title and the pitfalls of bad titles


Who is it for?

This webinar is perfect for everyone who considers themselves a storyteller. You will benefit from the meeting if you are:

  • – writer planning on submitting their work to companies or contests
  • – writer who wants to make sure your opening scenes are dynamic and create an engaging world
  • – writer who wants to make sure you are setting up their stories in the strongest way possible
  • – writer who struggles with how to start and open your stories
  • – writer who wants to learn how to make a great first impression on the page
  • – writer looking to find out what executives are looking for
  • – writer who is stumped on titles


Presenter: Danny Manus

2010-Manus-Headshot-1One of the most in-demand script consultants as CEO of No BullScript Consulting ( and author of “No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective.” He was ranked one of the Top 15 “Cream of the Crop” script consultants in CS Magazine and named one of ScreenCraft’s “25 People Writers Should Follow on Twitter”. He was previously the Director of Development for Clifford Werber Productions (Cinderella Story, Sydney White), where he sold “To Oz” to United Artists. He was also Development Consultant for Eclectic Pictures (Lovelace) and the DOD at Sandstorm Films (The Covenant, 8MM2), which had a first look deal at Screen Gems. Danny is a columnist for ScriptMag, a judge four years running for the PAGE Awards, and has been a speaker at Austin Film Festival, Kansas City Film Fest, and well over a dozen other major writing conferences. You can follow him on Twitter @DannyManus.

Moderator: Agnieszka Kruk

Agnieszka Kruk 2015Scriptwriter with credits in circa 1200 broadcast episodes of prime time TV series, script coach, educator, creator and director of Script Fiesta – festival for scriptwriters held at Warsaw Film School. Translator of Linda Aronson’s „21st Century Screenplay”.





The webinar is in English – no translation!

DATE: Nov 18, 2015

TIME: 20:00-22:00, Warsaw time

PLACE: online


How does it work?

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And… if I cannot be online at THAT time?

No problem!

The webinar will be recorded and available for 48 hours to everyone who registered, so for these two days you’ll be able to watch it as many times as you wish, take notes, listen to Danny’s advice as you polish your first 10 pages to perfection.



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